Validol is a mild sedative drug popular in Russia and other CIS countries. The active ingredient of Validol tablets is menthol and Menthyl isovalerate, which is an ester of isovaleric acid.

Validolum was patented in Germany in 1897. It was a 30% menthol solution in menthyl isovalerate, produced in small batches from natural ingredients – valerian root and peppermint. Its formulation hasn’t undergone significant changes since then. The mass-scale production started forty years later in the Soviet Union, where Validol found its wide usage and began to gain popularity. Despite the subtle effects and the fact that 120 years passed since its invention, it is still one of the most popular sedatives in Russia. The possible reasons for that are the safeness and the low price.


The effects and indications for use

The drug has a calming effect on the central nervous system and mild coronary dilatory (vasodilatory) action. That means the widening of blood vessels, which improves the blood flow and lowers the blood pressure. The effects caused by stimulation of sensitive nerve receptors of the oral mucosa. This stimulation followed by the release of endorphins, enkephalins, dynorphins and other peptides which plays role in functional regulation of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

The usual onset time after taking Validol tablet sublingually is about 5 minutes.

Indications for use as suggested by the instruction are:

  • Cardiodynia and angina (chest pain) of low severity.
  • Nausea (motion sickness).
  • Neurosis.
  • Hysteria.
  • Headaches caused by nitrates.


Dosage, side effects, and contraindications

This drug is considered safe and has a few known side effects. They include mild nausea, lacrimation, and dizziness. Contraindications for use are hypersensitivity, severe hypotension, acute myocardial infarction and the age below 18 years.

The dosage for Validolum suggested by the manufacturer is one 100mg pill sublingually twice daily. If required, the daily dosage can be raised to 600mg. If there are no effects in ten minutes after administration, a different therapy is needed.