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  • cortexin, cerebrolysin and some other nootropicsList of brain hydrolysate nootropic drugs. Most known drugs from this category are Cerebrolysin and Cortexin. However, there is more of similar nootropics available, though they are unknown outside of CIS.



  • phenotropil studiesClinical trials and studies of Phenotropil. The information from these studies was not available in the English language, but now it is. Might be an interesting reading.


  • modafinil alternativesAn article about modafinil alternatives available OTC. Some people does not like the price for the original Modafinil or don’t have a prescription, so here are some alternatives.


  • nootropics for kidsThe usage of nootropics in pediatrics. Some nootropics drugs are widely used in Russia to treat neurological diseases in kids. Such drugs like Pantogam or Cortexin also has a version for kids.


  • ketanovA review of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic drug ketanov, also known as ketorolac tromethamine


  • donormylSome information about Donormyl, one of the most popular antihistamine sleeping pills.