Performance enhancers


Some of the nootropics are able to improve mental and physical performance. Here is the list of nootropics with stimulant properties:


  • PhenotropilPhenotropil,  also known as PhenylPiracetam. It is a nootropics compound with pronounced stimulative effects. A good alternative to Modafinil. Here is an overview of various clinical trials and studies of Phenotropil.

  • mildronateMildronate is a drug primarily used to treat cardiac diseases. It is also may improve mental and physical performance. Mildronate became popular in the sport after doping scandal.

  • mildronateActovegin is a drug isolated from calf blood, used in the treatment of injuries and cerebrovascular disorders, and in sports as a performance enhancer.

  • adrafinil reviewA small Adrafinil review which is another Modafinil alternative. It is a pretty popular supplement to improve concentration and promote wakefulness. And here is an article about other modafinil alternatives.

  • metaprotMetaprot (a trade name of Bemitil) is an adaptogen nootropic developed in the Soviet Union for military purposes. It has a stimulant action and does potentiate the effect of nootropic drugs (e.g Piracetam).