Here is the list of available content about peptide nootropic drugs:


  • cerebrolysinA small review of Cerebrolysin with its history and studies, clinical usage, possible side effects, and dosage. It is one of the oldest Nootropics with a history of usage since 1954.

  • CortexinComprehensive Cortexin review. In this article, I’ve concentrated on the usage of Cortexin in Russian medical practice, Cortexin side effects, pharmacological effects and its clinical trials.

  • semax A review of Semax nasal spray, one of the most popular Russian nootropics. A big advantage of semax is its safety and effectiveness. It also stacks well with other nootropics.

  • selank A review of Selank review, a peptide anti-anxiety medication. A significant advantage of Selank over typical anxiolytics is its safety and efficacy. Selank also can be used as a cognitive enhancer.

  • cortexin, cerebrolysin and some other nootropicsBoth Cortexin and Cerebrolysin are brain hydrolysates. There are more of such drugs available, mostly generic versions of Cerebrolysin. You can see the full list of brain hydrolysates if you are interested.

  • Noopept reviewNoopept review which is a good alternative to Piracetam. In this piece of content, you’ll find noopept benefits, side effects, mechanism of action and dosages.


  • CycloprolylglycineA small overview of two novel studies of Cycloprolylglycine, a Noopept metabolite. Those studies were performed in 2016, so it is a new information interesting to read.