modafinil alternatives

Modafinil (also known as Provigil, Modavigil, Modalert, Alertec, and Provake) is a eugeroic drug which is typically used to treat drowsiness, narcolepsy, sleepiness and shift work sleep disorders. Provigil often used off-label as cognition and focus enhancer by students or scientists. Some bodybuilders use this drug because of its motivation-increasing effect which allows you to add more repeatings to your exercise set. Modafinil loved by many for its pronounced stimulatory action and effectiveness. However, it can’t be bought without a prescription, and even if you have a prescription, Modafinil price is a significant disadvantage. But there are a Modafinil alternatives available, don’t worry!


Not just a stimulant, but also a nootropic drug which will improve your cognitive functions during long-term use. It was designed in the Soviet Union as the next generation psychostimulant which can increase the mental and physical performance of astronauts. Phenotropil belongs to the family of Piracetam derivatives, up 60 times stronger than Piracetam itself. It is a Piracetam molecule with attached phenyl group. This attachment improved its pharmacokinetics in a great way, allowing blood-brain barrier penetration and providing psychostimulant action.

Phenotropil belongs to the family of Piracetam derivatives, up 60 times stronger than Piracetam itself. It is a Piracetam molecule with attached phenyl group. This attachment improved its pharmacokinetics in a great way, allowing blood-brain barrier penetration and providing psychostimulant action.

Moderate psychostimulant effect of the drug combined with anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) activity, it also lifts mood and provides some analgesic effect by increasing the pain tolerance threshold, as well as adaptogenic effect.

The action manifested after the first dose, which is important when this drug used in extreme conditions. Stimulatory action combined with cognition-improving effect makes Phenylpiracetam a great Modafinil alternative. You can buy it here in powder form.


PEA + Hordenine stack

This energy boosting stack contains nature’s alkaloids with strong psychostimulatory action. PEA or Phenethylamine is monoamine compound with euphoric and stimulating effect. It influences mood and emotions and increases alertness along with mental focus. The mechanism of this stimulation involves the escalation of intrasynaptic dopamine and norepinephrine levels. Phenethylamine is similar to amphetamines by its action but doesn’t have the side effects associated with them.

But the problem is, that if you take PEA supplements, it won’t make much effect. The reason of that is that Monoamine oxidase-B (MAO-B) enzyme breaks most of the PEA down before it reaches the brain. To solve this problem, this stack includes Hordenine.

Hordenine is a natural compound found in many different plants. It’s often used in workout supplements as a stimulant and fat burner. Hordenine acts as a selective MAO-B inhibitor, and that’s exactly what we need. It temporary disables MAO enzymes allowing Phenethylamine to pass through. Take 50-100mg of Hordenine, and about 300mg of PEA 15 minutes later to feel the effect. You can order both PEA and Hordenine in capsules here and here.


Adrafinil, one of the closest Modafinil alternatives available

Adrafinil is a Modafinil prodrug, which means it’s transformed into Modafinil in your liver. Thus, you’ll get pretty much the same stimulatory effect. The main difference is that it takes more time to take effect and a larger dosage. It is better to take Adrafinil on an empty stomach to increase its potency. You can buy Adrafinil online in the United States legally without prescription required. The effects are almost the same as from Modafinil:

  • Increased concentration and memory.
  • Increased Alertness and physical performance.
  • Helps you to stay awake and promotes your motivation.

The main disadvantage of this Modalert alternative is that it is harmful to the liver during long-term usage. You need to cycle this supplement and use it responsibly. Also, liver supplementation like milk thistle could be useful. Adrafinil is available for order in this online store.


Sulbutiamine powder

Sulbutiamine (Also known as Arcalion) is a synthetic variation of thiamine (B1 vitamin). It has a significant advantage over thiamine: it can cross through blood-brain-barrier. Sulbutiamine was discovered in Japan as a more potent derivative of vitamin B1 due to increased lipophilicity. Arcalion mode of action not fully understood yet. But available researches show that the supplement reduces fatigue, improves memory and even can help against erectile dysfunction. It is often used in sports nutrition to enhance athletic performance. This shop offers Sulbutiamine in powder form.

All Modafinil alternatives listed above available online in the United States without prescription. If you live in different country, don’t forget to check your local laws and customs policies before ordering.




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