How to improve the memory of the past, with minimal distortion? Keep a diary! It may seem strange to someone, but it’s working method that can improve your memory. Can you remember what you did in October 2014? I bet most will remember studying or work. After all, it’s probably your usual business, but what special happened exactly in October? Perfect option is to buy a thick journal, and write each day a few sentences about today’s events, noting the date. The primary objective is to convey the atmosphere and a few details. Don’t write something like: “On October 23 I woke up, went to the bathroom, then to work. It was boring there. Then looked for gifts for relatives, and met with a former classmate. I returned home and went to bed.” In this story, there are no atmosphere and details, even if you write so particular. Write about small, unique events of this special day. Write about things happened to you between breakfast and mem2work. Write what you thought in these moments!

Here is how it should look:”Like always, I forgot to close the window, it was so cold in the morning. The whole day I am thinking about Christmas gifts for parents. Decided to go to the mall, found something, at the exit met with an old friend. His brother marries soon, so he is also looking for a suitable gift for him. For the first time in a long time, I went to the subway. There were a lot of people, and I noticed a guy in funny hat” Pay attention to such details because your brain remembers the overall picture. Another option is to write not every day, but individual events, 2-3 times per week, some events or thoughts on a particular topic, with great details. Keeping a diary is like following the sequence of neurons in the brain, but stored on paper. If nothing is done, the days and months will be passing by, and the brain simply won’t remember anything. The brain needs reminders, like a song that brings your old memories back. With a diary, every event or every day passed will be stored on paper. Some may say that the important events are easy to remember without anything. Okay, then describe in details a couple of those on paper, and think about them in a year. And then read. And you will realize that much detail is missed. Diary greatly helps you to understand what attracts you and what to do. When you start to write everything down, you realize how much time we spend on nothing: we are not progressing, and people just don’t notice the amazing moments, events, details, and in the end, through the years – we forget everything

Often people say that the years pass quickly like you were 20 years old recently, and now you are 40. Keep a diary, remember the past and understand how much time goes nowhere, spend your time wisely and your days will become richer, brighter. One month for the average person will be feeling like a year for you.

How to memorize something for a long timemem1

Here we are faced with such a concept as “Ebbinghaus curve”, “Short-term” and “Long-term” memory. German scientist – Hermann Ebbinghaus, in late 19th century, conducted an experiment with remembrance. He studied memorization of gibberish three-letter words like WID or KAF, by testing himself after different intervals of time. Ebbinghaus identified several intervals when the memory weakens. Over time, it became apparent that the reason is biochemical processes in the brain, and certain proteins create the memory, they bind to the RNA. The first and one of the primary intervals, which was confirmed in many memory studies – a segment of 15 minutes after receiving new information. 15 minutes interval is the first stage in the formation of long-term memory. The second stage is 1-8 hours, third stage 8-24 hours, fourth stage 24-72 hours, each following takes more time. An American professor Henry Roediger confirmed this experiment. Intervals differ slightly. And he also experimentally determines periods when you need to repeat something that you want to memorize for a long time. Repeat after 15-20 minutes, after 1-8 hours, after 8-24 hours, after 48 hours, after three days, after five days and after eight days. Many people do not know this and study something for several hours, and don’t remember anything after a week. That’s an easy way to learn something that will remain in your memory for life.


Comprehensive memory improvement

A good way to improve your remembrance – is a new experience. Visit new places, exhibitions, contests, read new books and watch movies that you’re passionate about, that makes your imagination work. A 70-80s study has found that animals are living in a familiar environment, where they do not learn anything new, almost do not express the gene associated with memory. But as soon as the animal gets into a situation that is new to him and she memorizes it, this gene starts to express in the brain. Particular attention is required for Mnemotechnic. It’s a technique that helps you to store information using associations, by replacing new information that you need to memorize, with something familiar. For those associations it’s not necessary to have a logical sense, it could be any vivid, funny, extraordinary associations that will stay in your memory. The idea of mnemonics – it’s little crazy associations, as they are remembered more easily.

Best supplements for brain function

Don’t forget to nourish your brain! Brain nutrition deficiencies can decrease your cognitive performance and mood. Such foods like walnuts, eggs, blueberries, vegetables, and especially fish, will keep your brain juiced. To protect the brain from a variety of adverse factors affecting it and to avoid its “overload”, you can use supplements, so-called Nootropics, like noopept or



Most efficient method of memory improvement is keeping a diary. It is important to repeat that “something” at certain time intervals, to memorize something important for a long time. The new activities or new experience will make you more intelligent, and strengthens memory. Good luck!