cortexin experience

Cortexin at this moment isn’t really popular in the Nootropic community, even less popular than Cerebrolysin. So, as the results, there is a lack of anecdotal experiences available.

But some people interested in this Nootropic, so i just translated ten user reviews from the Russian users that used this noot on-label. And I hope it will be interesting for those people.

I didn’t cherry picked any feedbacks,  these are first 10 feedbacks the irecommend website sorted by newest. Also, in some feedbacks, I cutted out some general information like what Cortexin is and what the drug leaflet says.

if you liked this I can do more posts like that. If you have any suggestions for improvement, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me on Reddit.

Maybe, I should pick only best and most comprehensive feedbacks, or I should not include feedbacks regarding the usage on kids (80% of the Cortexin feedbacks) because it’s not really useful and interesting for the community? Anyway, here is the user reviews.


Hello, everyone! I would like to leave my feedback to “Cortexin.” I’m not advising it, just writing my review based on my anecdotal experience. It was prescribed for by neurologist because of my frequent headaches and low well-being.

The injections are painful. But it was worth it. I had a course of 10 injections. And here is what I want to say:

  • Headaches became less frequent and less intense.
  • I became more active. Drowsiness that affected me earlier disappeared.
  • I also noticed that I started to work faster.

Overall, the results are satisfying. Regarding the duration of effects – everything is still good after half year passed. I don’t know whether the effects will last longer or it will be necessary to repeat the course.

The drug is quite expensive, but it was worth it. If you have headaches and drowsiness, I’m suggesting you visit a neurologist, maybe this remedy will suit you!


The experience of usage: Cortexin was prescribed for my daughter three times – at the age of 3 months, 4 years and 6 years. I’ll tell you about each case separately:

Cortexin in 3 months: was prescribed by a neurologist for common diagnoses in babies – tone, stiff neck, intracranial hypertension. The course of Cortexin wasn’t effective according to neurosonography. I just noticed that my daughter started to wake up and scream at night. But Pantogam syrup greatly helped.

Cortexin in 4 years: was prescribed by another neurologist, because my daughter had speech developmental problems typical for her age. After the course of treatment, she changed a lot – she became very hyperactive, started to fool around without reason, chasing around the house. She couldn’t stop and was hyperactive all the time, couldn’t sleep at the daytime and had a bad sleep at night.

Cortexin in the age of 6 years: was prescribed by the same neurologist, as she said: “to strengthen the nervous system before school.” I didn’t think that all the problems I described before appeared because of the Cortexin, so I accepted this treatment. And my daughter became hyperactive again. But this wasn’t the largest problem – daughter started complaining of ear pain, pain behind the ears, pain in the back of the head and vertex. We visited three different otorhinolaryngologists and they said that she’s ears are okay. We conducted every head examination possible, even MRI. All the results were within normal ranges, but the headaches won’t disappeared. Some doctors even said that my daughter simply simulates those complaints and prescribed Phenibut. I didn’t believe and was sure that she’s not lying.

Then we visited another neurologist, and I was shocked with her words that my daughter is in the pre-epileptic state. After that, I visited epileptologist. She asked what medicines we took early. After she heard about Cortexin she said: “Why they prescribed it for you? It is a very potent drug that must be prescribed only in case of developmental disorders. We still don’t know exactly how it works and what areas of the brain it stimulates.” I was overwhelmed with those words. She prescribed Cavinton and Glycine. Also i spent the summer with my daughter in the countryside, and after some time, aches disappeared.

Conclusion: Cortexin, that prescribed for every kid from neonatal period, actually very serious drug with an unpredictable mechanism of action. My opinion – it should not be prescribed for the mild neurological symptoms. It could be inappropriate and sometimes dangerous.


Many neurologists like to prescribe Cortexin, but only for those who really need a boost to the development. I always thought that my kid need that kind of boost because the other kids of her age usually have a better speech. So, I asked the doctor about those injections on my own. The doctor didn’t tried to discourage me anyway.

I diluted the content of vials in the minimal amount of Novocaine (about 0.7ml) to make the injections as fast and painless as possible. My daughter tolerated the injections well.

Here is the effects: at the first day – insane hyperactivity and a bunch of energy that needed a good outlet. After some time, hyperactivity disappeared, and after the 4th injection, I noticed, that my kid started to use the new words in his speech. But not the new words that she just learned, rather the unused words that were in she’s memory for a long time. In other words, she started to use her passive vocabulary. Also, my kid began to make interesting conclusions about the surrounding things. It was really funny. Everything changed dramatically during the course, so I am sure that it’s because of the Cortexin.

So, if your doctor prescribed it for you – take it, it’s a good thing. Of course, to develop speech you need to work on reading, singing, motor skills but those methods didn’t help for us. The only downside is the high price and injectable administration.


As neurologist advised, bought it for my two months old son. He was born prematurely, so the doctor for some reason felt that it’s necessary to correct his cerebral blood flow. She noticed paleness of his skin. He also fell behind in the development a little. Later we ceased injections, so we didn’t took the whole course because I did not notice any effects. My kid only became more anxious. I think this drug is a useless and expensive thing. The only benefit is that it doesn’t cause any side effects.


When at the age of 1 year and eight months my son was diagnosed with mild brain dysfunction, he was prescribed with ten injections of Cortexin. As neurologist said, it should contribute to the overall development, especially of the speech. The injections were painful and poorly tolerated by the kid, but we took the whole course waiting for the results. I expected to see positive effects because Cortexin greatly helped to my 7-month-old niece before. Sadly, but I didn’t saw any positive effects even after the 10th injection. Not even a slight improvement, in contrast to the “Cogitum.” Maybe Cortexin helps for some people, but not for me.


My child was diagnosed with speech developmental disorder at the age of 2 years. We were prescribed with Pantogam Syrup (that was later substituted with Pantocalcin), Actovegin in pill form and Cerebrolysin injections. Pantocalcin was the most efficient out of all of these drugs. I’ve noticed a significant leap in the development of speech after it. After that, injections was no longer prescribed for us, but we took two courses of Pantocalcin yearly. The speech of my son began to improve from year to year quantitatively, but there were problems with the quality of speech. The diagnosis was dyslalia, that means my son couldn’t pronounce most of the sounds. Usually, I was the only person that could understand what he saying.

So, at the age of 4.5 years, he was diagnosed with dyslalia, delayed speech development, and stuttering. Here is what we were prescribed with: Cortexin, Encephabol syrup, tenoten for kids, and logopaedic massage.

Can’t say if the injections were painful or not, but my kid was yelling so much. Here is my impression:

It’s incredible, but I noticed the onset of effects after the 7th injection!

  • My son started to talk a lot more, his vocabulary started to grow very fast.
  • His stuttering stopped.
  • His pronouncing of the difficult words became quite satisfying. Even my mother admitted that he started to speak better.

I am very satisfied with the overall results. After the course of injections, we started to take prescribed pills and syrup. And in conjunction with the speech therapy, I’m sure he will catch up with his peers.


Got this drug prescribed after visiting neurologist. It has a broad spectrum of action, I won’t list everything, you can see it in the leaflet. Was disappointed by the price, but I’m not sorry for purchasing anything that can help my child. I did the injections on my own, with Novocaine. They weren’t too painful and didn’t provoke allergic reactions. Can’t say exactly is it helped or not, because it affects the nervous system so it would be hard to see any changes. In general, my experience was mostly positive. I hope it actually helped in the development of my kid’s nervous system.


Hello everyone, today I will talk about the drug that I use not for the first time. Some information about my child. He was born with hypoxia, after some time he started to suffer from hyperactivity. At the age of 4 years, his height reached 120cm and the weight 22kg (as the doctor said, it’s very much). Of course, he also had delayed speech development. Not critical, but still there. He can’t just sit down to draw or do something, it’s a big problem. He always wants to run, even just across the house. When I walk outside with him, I always need to chase him… He can sleep in the daytime, go to bed at the 10 PM but has problems with falling asleep.

The doctor prescribed 5mg version for us when the kid was at the age of 3 years (because his weight was below 20kg). At the age of 4 years, we took 10mg version.

First, we diluted it with Lidocaine but then changed to water for injections (because the doctor said that Lidocaine reduces the efficiency of the drug and may cause allergic reactions).

It is better to make injections before 12 AM. I noticed the effects after the first injection – he started to talk more and better, became more diligent, less irritable, memorize lessons better. Now he falling asleep faster and less often wakes up at night. We take it by courses every three months. Also, we tried various pills and syrups that doctor prescribed, but the injections were most effective.

Adults that taken this drug says that “Their head became clearer.”

I recommend this one. Didn’t wanted to administer when it was prescribed for the first time. Anyone who faced this will understand me (don’t want to think that my kid has any problems). But it’s good that everything okay now.


My child was diagnosed with myopia, and we received a recommendation to visit the neurologist. After examination, my kid was diagnosed with minimal brain dysfunction by the doctor. She also prescribed the 1-month course of Nootropics: ten Cortexin injections and Gliatilin capsules. I was disappointed with the price of this medicines but bought it anyway. The high price wasn’t the only downside – the injections are also painful.

It would be okay if it helped, but no, the treatment was not really effective. My child became irritable and secretive. After cessation of injections, she started to sleep badly at night because of the other prescribed Nootropic, Gliatilin (which is also pretty expensive).

Everything became better only after cessation of this medicines and visiting another doctor who prescribed another drug with the similar action, but without such side effects (Picamilon).

I do not recommend Cortexin, even if doctors says that the end justifies the means. I’ve seen only negative effects from it without any improvements regarding the main problem we had, the restoration of vision. There are better analogs available.


This spring audiologist prescribed my mom with Cortexin and nicotinic acid for ten days. My mother suffered from Otitis when she was young, and now she almost deaf on one ear, and the other ear don’t do well too. Audiologist determined that her auditory nerve has been damaged. Besides that, my mom has problems with blood circulation in the neck.

After two days mom reported that she started to sleep better. Overall well-being also improved, she gained vigor.

After the full course of treatment, dizziness associated with bad cerebral blood flow went away, and the hearing improved! So, Cortexin was effective, and we were happy with that.

As I later found, one of my mother’s colleagues takes this drug two times yearly as prophylaxis, to improve blood brain flow.