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Semax is a peptide nootropic drug based on a fragment of adrenocorticotropic hormone, used in nasal spray form. It was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Semax is used in the treatment of various neurological conditions such as stroke. Besides that, it can be...

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Actovegin is a deproteinized hemodialysate obtained from calf blood. It is a mixture of compounds of both inorganic (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium) and organic (acetate, lactate, amino acids, nucleosides) origin naturally occurring in the body. The exact...

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Cerebrolysin ® is a mixture of neuropeptides and free amino acids derived from a young porcine brain. It is considered as one of the most potent nootropics available. Since it was discovered in the late 1940s and used since 1954, Cerebrolysin also one of the oldest...

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Cortexin ® is a multi-component drug, a composition of polypeptides, vitamins, ribonucleic and amino acids with a Nootropic action. It was developed in the 1980s in the Soviet Union by the team of scientists of S.M Kirov Military-Medical Academy, and after preclinical...

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Phenotropil (also known as Phenylpiracetam or Carphedon) - one of the most controversial smart drugs. The drug was developed in early 1983, at the Russian Institute of Space Biology and Medicine. It was designed to help astronauts increase their working performance....

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