cerebrolysin reviews

This is a compilation of experiences and user reviews from the Russian on-label users of Cerebrolysin nootropic drug. I did the similar post for Cortexin before, but in this compilation, I didn’t include any reviews based on the usage on children.  Everything else is the same, I translate every review, either positive or negative without cherry picking. These are translated from the otzovik website, sorted by newest.



I heard about this drug before and my neurologist had several times advised me to take it. But I wasn’t able to afford it because of the high price.

Later I was hospitalized with pneumonia and received treatment. Also, I had a consultation with a neurologist because of my complaints of headaches, insomnia, fatigue, muscle twitches and noise in ears. She recommended taking Cerebrolysin while I’m in a hospital.

So, I decided to buy five 10 ml ampoules anyway. After reading the instruction carefully, I headed to the procedure room to receive an intravenous infusion. They infuse it slowly to avoid vertigo, hypertension or arrhythmia. That’s not the only possible side effects, but I was lucky to not experience any. Five days course isn’t much but was enough for the first time. I felt clarity in my head, my overall well-being improved, emotional tension and nervousness had gone.

Summing this up, I want to say that after Cerebrolysin my condition improved. Didn’t noticed any side effects listed in the leaflet.


First time when I used this drug was 30 years ago when I got my first concussion. At that time it was very hard to obtain it for common people.

After a course of injections, when the doctors saw the positive changes in the brain activity (my vision improved as well) they prescribed me another course.

Later, I encountered various consequences of my brain injury like frequent headaches. And I had to receive treatment with Cerebrolysin every season for a couple of years, and then – twice yearly (in autumn and spring).

My oldest daughter was born with birth trauma. She suffered from a raised intracranial pressure, tremor, idiopathic toes, and Cerebrolysin helped her too. We used it not for once, also later we took another very effective yet painful drug, and treated with those medicines until school.

In the school, especially at the end of the academic year, we use Cerebrolysin, and it helps greatly: headaches go away, and if they still present they are much less frequent and severe, eyes get tired less, memory, attention, and mood significantly improve.

When my youngest daughter born with some disorders too, I wasn’t afraid to use Cerebrolysin again because I am familiar with its effects. the injections themselves are painless and do not cause any unpleasant sensations. Even infants tolerate it well.

I can’t recommend it because you need to consult with a doctor before taking any medicines. But if your doctor advice you to take Cerebrolysin, don’t reject, it’s good. Be healthy!


Five months after stroke I’ve received a course of twenty 5ml intramuscular injections. After the 15th, I felt slightly better on the background of other procedures, but after a month this effect has gone. So, I can’t really tell that this effect caused by this particular drug. because it was a part of a complex treatment that included a healthy diet and physical exercises. My overall impression is that if it really has an effect, then it’s not pronounced and short-term. You can handle without that and save your money.


My first experience with Cerebrolysin was ten years ago. My current diagnosis is widespread osteochondrosis. The problems began in my adolescence. When I was young, massages helped well with my disease. Over the next years, I got a whole arsenal of different ways to combat pain. I already wrote about one of them – Acupressure Mat.

So, chiropractic prescribed Cerebrolysin for me when severe headaches appeared on the background of my osteochondrosis. He said that the neck spasms cause impairments of the cerebral blood flow, and you need to support your brain. Cerebrolysin is a neuroprotectant, created for such purposes.

The feedbacks are very different. Someone says that this is a magic remedy. Someone says that they experienced side effects, or that there were no effects at all. Anyway, I decided to take it. And now I am doing blockades with Cerebrolysin for ten years.

I inject it in the skull base in certain spots. Only qualified specialists can do that because there is a high risk of causing harm if injected in the wrong spot. The course consists of ten 2ml injections. Two 0.5 injections in the skull base and 1ml injections in the painful spots of the spine and shoulders. The doctor independently determines where he should make injections.

And here is what I want to say – it has an effect. I repeat the course twice yearly, in the spring and fall. The pains go away, and this effect lasts for six months. I tried to take it only once per year – it’s not enough and I start to suffer from aches again.

The injections are almost painless because I use insulin syringes with thin needles. At the time of administration of the drug I feel a small burning sensation in the injection spot, and noises in my head after couple seconds. After injections I take a sit for five minutes, then I’m alright.

My experience of using Cerebrolysin for osteochondrosis is positive, but it wasn’t suitable for my teen daughter.

Unfortunately, she inherited my cervical vertebral instability, thus the headaches. She was prescribed too with Cerebrolysin along with a complex of other drugs like Phezam, B6, glycine plus massage and physical therapy. Just after the first blockade in the skull base, she started to feel bad. At the evening the injection spots began to hurt, and headaches appeared. The pains were very intense, accompanied by nausea. Despite this, the doctor did not cease the course and said that such reaction is possible at the first time. After the second blockade, the same thing happened, but with vomiting and insomnia. So, I decided to cease the injections for my kid. The treatment that she received were effective even without cerebrolysine.

So that’s the results that we got – some people respond very well to this medicine and experience a good effect. But some may experience such side effects which are described in the leaflet.



My mother started to suffer from a stroke. During the process of recovering stroke patient, you need to teach him again how to do everything, like he’s a little kid.

She was prescribed with many different drugs, both injectable and in pill form. Over the last 20 years, my family had to go through many struggles. But I want to say special thanks to Cerebrolysin! It was most effective against stroke. I see the real improvement after administering it. The head becomes clear, and the motor functions improve too. Can’t say that it’s cheap, but taking into account the effectiveness I don’t think about the price.


I got two concussions, so I suffer from frequent headaches. As a war veteran, I have a significant privilege – a course of treatment in hospital for the war veterans every year. And every year they prescribe me Cerebrolysin. It was at public’s expense before, but for the last five years, I have to buy it from my own budget. But I buy it anyway because I really feel a way better after Cerebrolysin injection. The main indication for use is exactly traumatic brain injuries. At the same time, it has a very good effect on memory that I noticed by myself. Of course, I won’t recommend to take it without consulting with a doctor. B after reading the instruction and consulting with a specialist (if necessary) I will recommend it.


A week ago I was prescribed with Cerebrolysin through infusion because of the many neurological problems and insomnia. Couldn’t decide to buy this drug because I wasn’t sure will it suit for me or not. But after reading reviews I bought it. During the first infusion, my hand began to twitch. I thought maybe it’s just needle touched the nerve or something, it lasted for about 40 minutes. Later at home, the other hand began to twitch too. I had the same but more subtle sensations in my legs, and a slight pain in lower back. By the next morning, everything stopped.

During the second infusion, everything was the same. I went to a doctor a described my situation. He said that such things are possible. All right then, I decided to go through it, really wanted to fix my health. At the evening pain in the lower back became stronger. The same reaction after the third infusion – arms, legs, back. Back pain gets stronger again. Then the weekend came, and after two days without infusions, side effects went away.

And today, on Monday, after the weekend I received the 4th infusion. Everything started again, my arm twitched so much, lower back pain, fatigue, light tremor. I started to read the instruction and found my side effects listed in it as possible allergic reactions. Can’t say anything about the treatment efficiency because I didn’t receive a full course. I do not respond well to this drug.

After three months my lower back and wrist still hurts. Visited a couple doctors and they said that in rare cases it’s possible. One of them said that if you experienced pain and side effects, then your organism reject this drug and you should stop taking it. That’s it.


I don’t really believe in drugs, but recently I have faced a situation where they are indispensable. I fell badly and got a concussion, felt very lousy after that. The neurologist prescribed intramuscular Cerebrolysin injections for me. Before that, I had taken some pills, but they didn’t help, so I decided to try. When I visited a pharmacy to buy it, I was astonished by its price. I was very upset because I didn’t have that kind of money, but my relatives helped financially.

The next day I went to a hospital to receive an injection. They were very unpleasant and painful, accompanied with muscle twitches for a couple of hours after injection.

But I have to admit, that I completely forgot about my headaches and even able to cook a dinner this day. I was so happy with that, at the beginning didn’t even realized that that’s was because of the drug. So, after a week of treatment, I felt quite good, with almost no headaches, only occasional spasms.

On the 8th day, I went to a doctor and asked can I cease injections of Cerebrolysin? The doctor was not very happy but didn’t tried to change my mind. So, I ceased Cerebrolysin injections and started to make infusions. As a result, I feel bad for the third day in a row, suffer from headaches and vertigo. And today I realized that that’s because of the incomplete treatment course.

Overall, I’m gonna to talk with my doctor tomorrow and see what to do next. So, if you prescribed with Cerebrolysin, do not spare money and buy it despite its price and painful administration. Health is something you can’t buy.


I didn’t pay much attention to headaches that I started to suffer from after the birth of my daughter. In the beginning, I had headaches once a week, but they became more frequent.

But after that, I started to suffer from insomnia and irritability too. I thought that Valerian root or Persen would help. And yes, they helped, but only for certain time. I became calmer, but then everything returned back like a boomerang.

Recently I started to have headaches almost every day, so my husband insisted that I should visit a neurologist. The doctor listened to my complaints and prescribed some medicines. Cerebrolysin was one of them. Pay attention to its side effects. There is a lot of them. You can even get diarrhea from it.

The course was ten days long. I didn’t notice effect instantly, seems like this drug has cumulative action. But at the 5th or 6th day of the treatment, I started to fall asleep at night without any problems and headaches. Then I realized that everything would be better if I visited the doctor immediately after my headaches appeared.

After the full course, I became very calm and didn’t experience headaches anymore. Didn’t noticed any side effects. But you always need to sacrifice something, right? In my case, my buttocks suffered from injections that my husband did to me.

I think that this drug isn’t bad. If prescribed by a competent doctor it’s worth it.



I was suffering from cervical and lumbar osteochondrosis for a long time. In addition to my diagnosis, I had noise in my head. That is pretty unpleasant, and I’m living with it for more than a year and a half.

I went to a neurologist that is also practicing manual therapy. Just in a couple appointments, he fixed my spine. The pains in my lower back completely gone, but the neck aches relieved only partially. Then he prescribed Cerebrolysin for me.

He injected it under the skin of the head in two spots above the ear. That was painful. After the treatment, I started to feel somewhat better, but the head noise hadn’t completely gone.