Here is the list of substances used primarily to treat anxiety disorders:


  • stresamA review of Stresam, a german anxiolytic drug with neurotrophic effects. The pharmacological effects of Stresam are comparable to benzodiazepines. However, stresam does not cause side effects typical for benzos.

  • adaptol aka mebicarAn article about Adaptol, its indications for use, side effects, dosage and mechanism of action. Besides that, you will find some anecdotal experiences translated from Russian so you can read them.

  • afobazole aka fabomotizoleHere you can read about Afobazole. It is a novel anti-anxiety drug with nootropic effects. It does have neurotrophic properties and does not cause sedation or memory impairments.

  • selankA review of Selank. It is a Russian nootropic peptide drug with pronounced anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects. Selank can be used by healthy individuals to combat stress and enhance memory.

  • grandaxinGrandaxin which is also known as tofisopam is a benzodiazepine tranquilizer. However, it has the unique pharmacological profile because of its chemical structure. It is used in Russia and some European countries.

  • mexidolMexidol which is also known as emoxypine succinate is a Russian nootropic with pronounced anxiolytic, antihypoxic and antioxidant action. It has a wide range of indications for use.

  • phenibut reviewPhenibut review, it is a substance with pronounced anxiolytic effects and some nootropic properties. The downside is that Phenibut has abuse potential. Be sure to use it responsibly.

  • ValidolValidol is a composition of menthol and Menthyl isovalerate. It is used since 1897 and is still popular in CIS countries. The main indications for use are neuroses and chest pain.

  • TenotenA review of Tenoten, a homeopathic anxiolytic drug. Some people claim that this medicine does help with alleviating anxiety symptoms. However, since it is a homeopathy, it’s efficacy is questionable.

  • aminalonA review of Aminalon, pharmaceutical grade GABA supplementation. It is used in the complex treatment of epilepsy, and sometimes as a nootropic.