Adaptol, also known as Mebicar, is a Russian anxiolytic medication used to treat anxiety disorders, ADHD and some cardiac diseases.     The clinical usage of Adaptol started in 1979 in the Soviet Union. Initially, it was used as a daytime tranquilizer with a wide spectrum of anxiolytic activity. Further discoveries of new pharmacological effects of the drug extended its range of clinical applications.     By its chemical structure, Adaptol is similar to endogenous metabolites of the human body. One molecule of the drug contains two methylated urea molecules. The word “Mebicar” is an abbreviation of “MEthylated BIcyclic derivative of CARbamide (urea)”.  It is chemically inert and does not interact with food or other medications. Does not cause dependence and withdrawal syndrome, unlike benzodiazepine tranquilizers.  

Usage of Adaptol in medical practice

  The main indication for use is neurotic disorders. This includes irritability, anxiety and anxiety-depressive disorders, emotional lability as well as phobic and panic disorders.     Another possible clinical application is cardiology. The official indications for use include heartburn (if not caused by ischemic heart disease) and rehabilitation after myocardial infarction.     In pediatric practice, it is sometimes used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.     The less common usages are the treatment of alcohol and nicotine dependence, and relieving the adverse effects of treatment with antipsychotics and tranquilizers.  

Mechanism of action and pharmacological effects

  The mechanism of action is pretty complex. Pharmacological effects of Adaptol are related to its GABAergic, serotonergic, antiglutamatergic and subtle cholinergic action. The drug exhibits antagonistic activity towards excitatory adrenergic and glutamatergic systems and enhances inhibitory serotonergic and GABAergic neurotransmission. It reduces norepinephrine levels in the brain and prevents an increase in glutamate levels caused by stress.     Adaptol also found its usage in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders, panic disorders, treatment of alcohol and nicotine withdrawals and in pediatric psychiatry. The usage of Mebicar in cardiology is determined by its ability to reduce sympathetic activity, thus relieving vasospasms and tachycardia.     Besides anxiolytic action, it also has nootropic effects. As clinical studies show, Mebicar can improve logical thinking, attention and overall mental performance.  

Side effects

  A big advantage of this substance over benzodiazepines is fewer side effects. Adaptol does not cause oversedation or impair cognitive functions. The side effects listed by the manufacturer are:  
  • Possible allergic reactions (skin rash).
  • At high doses – short term hypotension and hyperthermia, digestive problems.
  Those side effects do not require cessation of treatment (except allergic reactions and digestive problems).   Contraindication for use is hypersensitivity to the drug and its components. The drug can be combined with antipsychotics, antidepressants, tranquilizers and psychostimulants.  


  The dosage suggested by the manufacturer is 500 mg 2-3 times a day. The maximum single dose is 3g, the maximum daily dosage is 10g. The length of the treatment course varies from couple days to 2-3 months.   In the complex treatment of nicotine dependence, recommended dosage to reduce nicotine cravings is 600-900mg three times a day for 5-6 weeks.  
    Since there is not a lot of anecdotal experiences available in the English segment of the internet, here are the user reviews of Adaptol from the Russian on-label users. They were translated from otzovik website, sorted by the newest. All kind of reviews included, either negative or positive. This is just anecdotal experiences, so of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.    

I would say that Adaptol isn’t an anxiolytic, but a very strong acting antidepressant.

A pharmacist suggested me it three years ago. I liked it very much. After taking those pills, it was very hard to make me mad no matter how hard people try. I bought them when I got problems on my job, and they greatly helped me.

As manufacturer claims, the drug does not cause addiction. But I don’t believe it, I rarely drink those pills because I feel how they act. The days when I took them I felt like there are no problems in my life at all and they can’t even exist. Didn’t wanted to think about anything. And want to drink one more pill.

I recommend to take it cautiously, only in case when you really need it.


I was prescribed with Adaptol twice, two years ago and just recently. For the first time, I took 300mg and after a half hour fell into syncope. Decided to try again, no syncope, but experienced low blood pressure this time. It has a slight calming effect but wouldn’t recommend it to people with hypotension.


This medication practically brought me back to life. I’m a vegetative-vascular dystonia sufferer and in 2013 had to undergo a surgery with significant blood loss. I was so shocked after that and even afraid to leave the hospital. When I checked out of hospital my depression and fears were so deeply rooted in me that I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror.

And then I got cardiac problems – extrasystoles and labile hypertension, I couldn’t sleep. Prescribed antidepressants didn’t help. And when cardiologist didn’t found any significant health problems, he suggested me Adaptol. I was skeptical about that, but when another doctor suggested the same, I decided to give it a try.

Bought. Started to take it. The taste is very bitter, was hard to take them. But after couple days I slept well for the first time in this year. Didn’t know what happened and how. Because everything is individual. But the drugs suits me perfectly. I took it three times a day. Not instantly, but my depression has gone completely.


I visited neurologist and cardiologist because of my migraine. As they said, I have artery curvature that causes the poor blood supply to brain and headaches. I also had anxiety that did not allow me to fall asleep after working day. They prescribed me physiotherapy, massage, and Adaptol.

Didn’t experienced any side effects. Didn’t noticed positive effects, too.


Adaptol was not effective for me. The neurologist prescribed one pill three times a day for one month to treat my chronic insomnia. I used Phenotropil before, but it didn’t help. What can I say about it:

High price.

Big hard-to-swallow pills.

Extremely bitter taste, you can feel the bitterness once the pill touches your tongue.

Not effective.

In the first 10 days, I thought they working. Indeed, I became calmer and the brain fog cleared. I was happy to find my cure. But then effects disappeared.

After that, I realized that those effects were caused by Melaxen (Melatonin) which was prescribed along with Adaptol. Melaxen helped me to sleep better, and of course, after a good sleep, I became calmer. But after it’s action stopped, everything went as before. Adaptol itself didn’t have any effects on me. The only thing that saved me from my insomnia and depression is antidepressant Cipralex. Summing this up, Mebicar is a wasted money. I won’t recommend it for purchase.



I took Adaptol for one month, as my neurologist prescribed for my chronic depression caused by pain syndrome. Felt the effects after the first pill, immediate relief and improved mood. After 2-3 days my sleep patterns changed, like the deep sleep phase were thrown away. And despite this, I always woke up rested at the first alarm, never experienced this before. At the first ten days had hypotension with 90/60 blood pressure and vertigo because of that. Coffee helped with that. After I adapted to the drug, my sleep became deep again, blood pressure normalized. I felt very clear-headed, it was easier to think and concentrate, but the main thing is that my mood was awesome, I started to enjoy life again, food became tastier.

I encouraged a couple of my friends to take it, but the drug did not suit them. It caused drowsiness and even anxiety, which I didn’t experience, so consult with the doctor first.


My doctor suggested Adaptol for me. Quite unexpected, because I had complaints on digestion rather than on my nerves. But I still bought this medication, because I was anxious a bit. I took only one pill daily for ten days, instead of two pills daily as suggested, because I think it’s necessary to learn how to calm down without such drugs. I see the calming effect from it, but can’t say that it’s very pronounced. Maybe only if you take two pills a day. I still suffer from insomnia as before. The drug does not have any effects on sleep, but has an anxiolytic effect.

Didn’t experienced side effects. As the leaflet says, there is no addiction. Wrong. Any kind of such drugs causes addiction. That’s why you shouldn’t take it too long.


I was in complicated life circumstances. Went to a doctor, he diagnosed me with depression and prescribed Adaptol. After the first pill, I became calmer, anxiety has gone, sleep became better. And then, I noticed that I don’t want to smoke. Besides the fact that I started to feel better, I even quit smoking.