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Welcome to the Top Brain Boosters blog. This website dedicated to the Nootropic substances, mostly less known Nootropics of Russian origin. The reason for that is that there is not much information available about them in the English-speaking part of the Internet. And I want to rectify the situation.

Most of the information provided on this blog are from Russian science citation index or PubMed (except user reviews). I always try to provide most comprehensive information from trusted sources. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to use a contact form or post a comment.

Here is the list of currently available content:

A small review of Cerebrolysin with its history and studies, clinical usage, possible side effects and dosage. It is one of the oldest Nootropics with a history of usage since 1954. And here are the short compilation of Cerebrolysin reviews from the on-label users.

Comprehensive Cortexin review. In this article, I’ve concentrated on the usage of Cortexin in Russian medical practice, Cortexin side effects, pharmacological effects and its clinical trials. In addition, I analyzed over 200 user reviews and did a small infographic with results. Here are some of those Cortexin experiences.

A review of Stresam, a german anxiolytic drug with neurotrophic effects. It is widely used in Russia. The pharmacological effects of Stresam is comparable to benzodiazepines. However, stresam does not cause addiction, withdrawal syndrome, oversedation and amnesia. Another untypical tranquilizer widely used in Russia is Adaptol.

Review of a substance called Metaprot designed in the Soviet Union for military purposes. It can increase mental and physical performance, especially in stressful and hypoxic conditions. Metaprot also used in sport, although it is not so popular as Mildronate.

Noopept review which is a good alternative to Piracetam. In this piece of content, you’ll find noopept benefits, side effects, mechanism of action and dosages.

Phenotropil review, which is also known as PhenylPiracetam. It is a great nootropics compound with pronounced stimulative effects. A good alternative to Modafinil. Also, I wrote an overview of various clinical trials and studies of Phenotropil. If you are interested in phenylpiracetam, it might be interesting reading.

A small overview of two novel studies of Cycloprolylglycine which is a Noopept metabolite. Those studies were performed in 2016, so it is a new information interesting to read. There is not much information available on the internet about this neuropeptide.

Small review of another Modafinil alternative, Adrafinil. It is a pretty popular supplement to improve concentration and promote wakefulness.

Compilation article of various Modafinil alternatives that you can buy OTC.

Here is the short review of vinpocetine, a semi-synthetic cerebral vasodilator sold under brand name Cavinton and Cavinton Forte.

Safety guide for Phenibut, which is a great anxiolytic Nootropic but with some abuse potential. This manual includes phenibut side effects, withdrawal, and safe dosages.

A comprehensive overview of another anxiolytic nootropic, Tenoten. It appears to be more like hangover relief remedy that anti-anxiety supplements, according to the information i was able to get. The article includes the history of Tenoten, its effects and side effects and some studies. Just like in the cortexin review, I added some user feedbacks overview for informational purposes. And here you can find a review for another Russian anxiolytic Validol which is very old yet still popular.