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Welcome to the Top Brain Boosters blog. This website dedicated to the Nootropic substances, mostly less known Nootropics of Russian origin. The reason for that is that there is not much information available about them in the English-speaking part of the Internet. And I want to rectify the situation.

Most of the information provided on this blog are from Russian science citation index or PubMed (except user reviews). I always try to provide most comprehensive information from trusted sources. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to use a contact form or post a comment.

Here are the categories of available content:


  • anxiolyticsA category of Anxiolytics, substances that are used for anxiety relief. This category includes drugs like Phenibut, Afobazole, Adaptol, Stresam and Grandaxin. Their main indication for use is anxiety disorders.

  • Cognitive enhancersYou can read more about cognitive-enhancing drugs in this category. The on-label usage of those drugs usually includes stroke and dementia. Some people also use those drugs recreationally to improve cognitive functions.

  • performance enhancing nootropicsThis category is dedicated to performance-enhancing nootropics. This category includes drugs that are able to improve physical and mental performance e.g Phenotropil, Mildronate, Metaprot or Adrafinil.

  • peptide nootropicsHere is the category for peptide nootropics, e.g Cerebrolysin, Cortexin, Semax, Selank and Noopept. Usually, they cause fewer side effects than regular medications.

  • uncategorized articlesHere you can find articles that do not fit any of the categories listed above.